Frequently Asked Questions

To develop the municipal sector and attract creative ideas to humanize cities.

• To adopt and develop ideas to become applied reality.

• Get incentive cash prizes.

• The possibility of financing ideas for their implementation in a way that benefits the participants and the Kingdom.

• Knowledge enrichment and community participation

Arabic and English languages.
Registration is done as an individual.

In case the team is integrated, after registering as an individual, each team member is added to the group by the team leader.

In case you are accepted in the hackathon, you will receive the link to join the platform by e-mail.

Participation does not require you to be a programmer or a data expert to be part of the hackathon challenge, the most diverse teams are often the most successful.

There will be two weeks of mentoring sessions and then there will be 3 days of attendance to work on the idea and announce the results.

The hackathon will be launched on 26th of February and will end on 27th March 2022.

  • E-mail, in the event of acceptance or rejection, a notification will be sent.
  • Webex platform, for participants to communicate with each other to form groups. In addition to holding workshops and communicating with mentors in the event of any problem.
  • Hackathon website, to submit projects.

No, the proposed idea must be within the three specific tracks
(Healthy environment – quality of life – municipal services)

A minimum of 2 members, and a maximum of 5 members.

No, it is not possible to change team members after the team has been formed on the hackathon site.

No, the workshops are offered to help the participants form their ideas and whether they choose to attend or not, will not affect the decision of the committee.

More than 100,000 Saudi riyals.

The hackathon aims to collaborate in a creative, open and transparent manner to solve big challenges. Therefore, we encourage teams to consider preserving copyright licenses if they are interested in preserving intellectual property or recognizing their work.

The participants are not required to hold a specific academic degree.

Yes, you can get a consultation from the experts who will be there for you by booking a session through the hackathon website.

No, there will be no fee for the consultation.

We will provide all possible assistance to the participants, through social media or through communication with the organizers on the Webex platform.

Yes, in the Eastern region specifically from ( 25 – 26 – 27 March ).